Planning on hosting a virtual event but don’t know where to start? Virtual events are taking off in 2020 and so we have put together some tips and tricks to knock your attendees’ socks off, from the comfort of their own homes.

Let’s start with the basics.

What is a Virtual Event?

A Virtual Event is an organised online gathering of attendees. Virtual events can take place anywhere in the world, and at any time during the day. Remote attendees join and interact with the online event in the forms of live Q&A, polling, quizzes and online chat.

Tips on running an amazing Virtual Event

1 – Use high-quality broadcasting technology. There is nothing worse than logging into an online event or webinar to have the speaker on the other end blurry and pixelated due to poor quality technology. It is worth the investment.

2 – Make sure your internet connection is strong. Testing your internet connection prior to the event is crucial, and make sure you have a back up plan if your connection drops out on the day. You can test your internet speed here via

3 – Have attendees register or purchase tickets for the event. If the attendee signs up a few days or weeks prior to the event you will know how many attendees to expect, and you can set a calendar reminder so they don’t forget to log on. You will also build up your list of contacts through the registration process.

4 – Promote your event on social media and through Electronically Distributed Mail (EDMs). You are spending time creating amazing content for your attendees, don’t forget to promote the event on your social networks and through emails to get as high an attendance rate as possible.

5 – Find unique ways to keep your attendees interested and engaged. Virtual events are huge for 2020. The average person will be bombarded with opportunities to jump online with virtual events so find what’s different about your event and make sure your audience knows about it. During the event interact with your attendees with Q&A, polling and quizzes to keep them involved.

6 – Share the content of the online event with attendees post-event. Let your content live on and give your attendees access to a filmed copy of the event for them to refer to on-demand. It also helps to send a thank you email to thank attendees for their valuable time.

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