Hybrid events are the way of the future, and we are going to tell you why. But before we get into that, let’s start with the basics of what a Hybrid Event really is.

What is a Hybrid Event?

A Hybrid Event is an in-person event, with an added digital element. It’s a mix of face-to-face and the virtual world, simultaneously. This digital element can be a number of things, such as live-streaming or broadcasting sessions, Q&A or even broadcasting the whole event.  Picture this, a conference with 1000 attendees in-person, with another 1000 watching from home.

Better for the environment

Although the event industry every year has a bigger and bigger focus on sustainability and environmental impact, it still remains a very un-environmentally friendly industry. With hybrid events, you are giving the option for attendees to watch from home. This means they are not driving to the venue, flying interstate or internationally saving countless quantities of emissions that otherwise would have been emitted. You can also use holographic technology to beam the image of your speakers onto stage, which would save even more emissions from being emitted from travel.

Additional Revenue

Venues only have certain capacities. Once you hit this capacity, that’s it, no more attendee revenue. Some attendees may also not be able to attend the physical event for any number of reasons. However, with the addition of Live Streaming or Broadcasting your event, you can sell tickets to the virtual event and the sky becomes the limit. Once the event is over you can also offer pay-per-view tickets to watch specific videos, or even a subscription to have access to your amazing content throughout the year.

So much content

If you are running a multi-stream event, it’s almost guaranteed your attendees will have to choose between concurrent presentations and possibly miss out on content they would love to see. A hybrid event allows you to capture this content and offer it to both your in-person and digital attendees post-event, so no one has to miss out ever again.

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